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Musings Of A Frustrated Soul

Good evening Friends, in the wake of this lockdown curfew, because of the global pandemic of COVID19, all of us citizens are supposed to be practicing isolation at our own homes. Many people however, are scared and stressed out, at the prospect of staying at home and also doing house-work at the same time. Most of us are not habituated to perform daily household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing etc.

Some amongst us are extremely annoyed with the Government for taking such drastic measures and screaming around in various social media!! I hear many of them taking the plea, “If I stay inside a closed home all day, I will get sick”… That too, is coming from a 70+ gentleman from my colony.. he walked away saying the above sentence!!. A 70+ gentleman, educated supposedly, not heeding to the advice of doctors and the Government! How foolish can we be !!

Today evening, the first day of lockdown, people in CR Park ( F & G Block and I am sure other blocks) are moving around on the main road as reported by the residents staying in the lane opposite the road !! I can hear them speak and shout !

I cannot understand what bug is biting these people!! Why can they not understand the gravity of the situation? Dear fellow citizens, please try to understand that sitting at home will not make you sick at this time of pandemic, but going out will!! Dear 70 year old literate citizen, please think of the other people in the house who will be stressed and loaded with a COVID19 patient at home, God forbid you catch the virus! Your wife at home, children and grandchildren, you care for them not??

This 21 day lockdown and isolation period is extremely important for containing the 3rd stage of the spreading of the virus which spreads like a wildfire! We cannot let that happen!!

Dear citizen, you who complain of no maid, no helper, get out of your rut and start working for yourself. Many senior citizens out there are doing their own work, they have practiced self-help and try not be a load on their family. You who are 30-40-50 year old cribbing about no househelp is ridiculous to the core!! Even children are helping out their parents for housework!

With folded hands, it is a request to stay back home for your own health and the health of the country. We have amongst ourselves many foreign return residents who have been home quarantined by the government officials by sticking a 14 day quarantine sticker on the gates of their homes.

Delhi is one place which is full of such foreign return people and some of these foolish literate foreign returnees are jumping quarantine and can infect you. They might be silent carriers of the disease even if they are not showing symptoms. Do stay back home, stay safe and take care. Jai Hind!!!

By Dr Anindita Roy (9818541252), CR Park, New Delhi

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