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Open Letter To The Authorities ; We Want A Better Maintained CR Park!

Through this column the residents put forward the demand that Chittaranjan Park, which is considered a posh location of South Delhi,  sports a well maintained look this 2020 with the following activities:

1.    Mend all roads of the colony. Most of the roads, (unfortunately ignored by the law makers of the colony) are comfortably overlooked. They have broken down so much that, walking around them has become a real pain, forget about driving on them (which is a nightmare now).
2.    Remove all dirty and abandoned cars – these cars are potential havens for theft, drug storage, maybe something even more dangerous, leave aside the shabby look that they lend to the neighbourhood. They are needed to be removed with immediate effect.
3.    Cleaning and sweeping all the roads daily – the ever so efficient MCD sweepers (!), sweep the roads based on their own whims and fancies. The photos are evidence to show the real state of the roads.
4.    Regular cleaning of the garbage dhalaos – the overflowing dhalaos of the colony are sheer embarrassment for anyone who visits. As and when they are reported, do the garbage trucks come to collect the garbage. Otherwise, they show the complete inefficiency of the authorities to manage the garbage still in the 21st century!
5. Complete cleanliness of the Markets 1-4 : The market Traders association in collaboration with MCD should endeavour to keep the market spruced up. The shopkeepers should not be allowed to keep goods outside their shop premises.
6. Better Parking Options In Markets: A haphazard parking outside the market causes traffic jam and other nuisances.
7. Removal Of ‘Car Sellers’ from markets and pavements ; Public space encroaching by Car Sellers should not be allowed . They should not be allowed to sell cars by parking them on public property in the market grounds and pavements elsewhere.
8. Walkable pavements without encroachments: Are our pavements given on rent ? Open secret , but who cares? Senior citizens, Children, walk on roads instead of pavements and get hurt by speeding vehicles !! 
With an earnest wish to see a spruced up colony, this is a plea of the residents to the authorities to kindly take appropriate action at the earliest possible.

Chittaranjan Park

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Open Letter To The Authorities ; We Want A Better Maintained CR Park! Open Letter To The Authorities ; We Want A Better Maintained CR Park! Reviewed by CREATIVE WRITER on March 01, 2020 Rating: 5

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