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National Museum Delhi

Invitation To A Special Walk-through  Of The Exhibition Led By Chitra Sarkar..

We have studied Indian History. We have studied World History. But how many times have we had a chance to connect the two, to discover how India was impacted by its contemporary world in the course of human evolution?

I’m just back from a preview of an amazing exhibition which opens on 5th May at the National Museum in New Delhi. It is a collaborative effort between the British Museum and Mumbai’s CSVS Museum, featuring artifacts lent by museums all over the world.

The oldest object is a hand axe, discovered in 1863 near Chennai and could be one million years old. It comes from one of the first stone age sites discovered anywhere in the world. Next to it lie similar axes, found in Europe and Africa, which demonstrate the common history that all human beings share. All the axes have a similar shape. It is an important marker in the evolution of human thought itself.

Next come the fired pots discovered in the Northwest of India, Egypt, Turkey and Mesopotamia. In this exhibition we get a chance to compare them side by side. Urbanisation is explored next. The most famous object which represents the Harappan Civilization is the Dancing Girl. Now you can meet her contemporaries – a lady from Mesopotamia and a Pharoah from Egypt among others.

By now, you may feel immersed in many philosophical thoughts about the oneness of humankind…and there are still many more stories that will unfold before you. In addition to the displays there will be special programmes and curator walks. It is a collaborative effort between the various museums, to celebrate 70 years of our Independence. Do go see it for yourself.

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