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Gardening Enthusiast , Anu Lamba

Anu Lamba, a gardening enthusiast has been working in this sphere for the past 3 decades. Hailing from Himachal her life has been a pure dedication to making the environment green and serene in her own small way. Anu has travelled the lengths and breadths of the country in her endeavor of collecting rare plant species and making them bloom on her terrace.

After being associated with the All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA) in the year 2004 she has been an integral part of the Unit, and has contributed towards spreading green awareness to households and encourage kitchen gardens.

While talking to Anu I felt she sets a classic example of “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”, her journey started with just 4 flower pots, but her passion is evident from her terrace garden where she avidly nurtures not only flowers, vegetable, fruits but also herbs and medicinal plants. Her acumen of making the best out of waste shows out of a lotus pond created from an unusable bath tub, a waterfall made out of broken pots and wall arts made using a worn out car tyre and waste PET bottles, making these just few of the appealing sights of her garden that consecutively fetch Best Garden award for the past 4 years in its category.

Her garden also showcases a decent arrangement of Bonsai’s of different varieties including Informal / Formal Upright, Slanting, Windswept, Multiple Trunk, Cascade, Root Over Rock, and few of these are aged nearly 30 years and still stand tall and green like the ideologies of Late. Smt. Sarla Bhargava, Sect. Bela Gupta and mentorship of Mr. Mathur of AIKGA. 

AIKGA has been a great source of encouragement to their members and Anu Lamba’s is a live example of their unprecedented backing. Her contribution is measured by dozens of awards each year for the health and vibrancy of her plants. 

To sum it all I feel, if you care to give back to nature more that you derive from her, gardening is the happiest form you can adopt like this lady and the AIKGA have been doing.

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