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A Long Lasting Spring

Good Evening Readers, After such a long period of time, God gifted us with a beautiful long lasting spring !! For so many years, spring would be gone by February end and March would be quite hot with fans running at full speed by the 3rd week. But today, 26th of March 2020, with occasional showers from the heavens, the weather is beautifully pleasant. There is a gentle breeze blowing outside and the birds and squirrels are happily playing in the colony parks.

There is a sahjan tree in front of my house and I can see the squirrel nibble away at the sahjan florets and chirping merrily running up and down the tree. So many types of birds visit the narrow green strip in front of our houses in CR Park. The layout of CR Park is such that there is a narrow green strip in every lane where the houses face each other. Some lanes have done away with the green strip to create extra parking space which I believe could have been managed even with the green strip intact! They are missing this beautiful nature view!!

In this time of pandemic, with citizens in home isolation, it is so good to have a green strip to look at from our balconies. Though we have smaller plots, we are blessed to have these beautiful green belts, howsoever narrow, in front of our homes.

From here we can gaze at the sky, feel the pleasant breeze softly blowing, watch the beautiful spring flowers and the trees sprouting new green leaves. We can watch the morning sky slowly turn bright and then the evening sky slowly turn dark.

The pollution level has drastically gone down because of the lockdown and the sky is bluer and the air is breathable with the mild wet scent of mother earth.

As it grows darker, the Venus can be seen clearly and not as a vague spot in the night sky. I hope that in a few day’s time, the stars will be visible once again in Delhi’s night sky!

The pandemic is scary as the virus is said to be badly contagious, spreading like wildfire if precautions are not taken. I hope that all citizens, especially the foreign return ones, who have come back home in the wake of global pandemic from affected areas, do listen to the plea of self-isolation or self-quarantine and be responsible citizens. The country has allowed you to come back from the place where you had gone to make your future leaving some heavy hearted souls behind! Some of you went away saying that India is not good enough a place to stay back. Now that many of you have flocked back, it is your responsibility to stay in self-quarantine keeping in mind the health of the country. This country which houses a large, vulnerable and poor population is also not advanced with adequate health care facilities!!

Do be a responsible citizen, stay back home, do yoga in your balcony and enjoy the lovely long springtime that the almighty has bestowed upon you. !! Jai Hind!!!

By Dr Anindita Roy (9818541252), CR Park, New Delhi

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