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Home Sweet Home

Good Evening Friends, The day started with a nice drizzle and a pleasant morning for us all. The rain helped to settle down the dust and the trees and plants got their share of water and wash. As the municipal maalis are not able to tend to the parks during this crisis period, these light showers from the heavens are a blessing to both the flora and fauna of the earth.

The sky is blue and filled with fluffy white clouds sailing merrily away. There is a mild breeze blowing and the plants and trees are swaying with mirth. The early evening sunlight feels good and is a blessing as sun light is a good source of cleansing germs. Friends are sharing lovely pictures and videos of blue skies and picturesque balconies from where they are enjoying nature. We have now got some time ‘to stare’ leaving behind the ‘unnecessary care’.. At least we get to stare at the piece of sky and the surrounding nature from our balconies. There might be some less fortunate ones who may be stuck inside smaller spaces with lesser amenities. So we should be thankful to God for this gift. The sound of the birds which is now audible minus the cacophony of vehicular sounds and human chatter is so pleasant!! I am now able to distinguish the chirping of the squirrel from other birds J

Let us all concentrate on the beauty that has emerged all around us during this time of crisis and thank God for this beauty of nature! Let us all take necessary precautions and not fret unnecessarily. Taking precautions and staying in our homes is the key for India to avoid this crisis and not go the way other countries have gone.

This is the time of season change and the time for the innocuous season flu. The time for the flora to shed pollen is also coming and is a stressful time for all those who are allergic to pollen. And of course, the dreaded Novel Corona is there. We all have to take care of ourselves and maintain and strengthen our immune system’s capability to fight diseases. We have to eat proper food, albeit less exotic but nutritious ones. A proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats with some supplementation of Vitamins and minerals should help us to strengthen our immunity

And not to forget the exercises that can be done at home for 30 minutes daily. Even the PT that we learnt in school can be used to keep the blood flowing and the alveoli of the lungs pumped up. Those with other health problems like diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure etc need to take extra precaution and keep themselves safe (ok ok.. including me J )So friends, do keep sharing your beautiful pictures and stories with us all and let us stay connected. Remember … We Shall Overcome J

By Dr Anindita Roy (9818541252), CR Park, New Delhi

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