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The Pairing Of The Moon And The Venus

The Pairing Of The Moon And The Venus.. Take a look at the night sky!

Good Evening Friends, The bluish black velvety sky is adorned today with a beautiful sighting of the Cresent Moon and the Shining Venus! What a lovely sight it is!! The two are the brightest objects in the night sky. I have positioned myself in my balcony these days and doing all my ‘work from home’ work from here! After quickly finishing household chores, I sit here and stare at the sky. The mad cacophony of the vehicles is not there and a pure and silent night prevails! Delhi feels like a jungle resort . I can hear my daughter strum her guitar strings and a lovely melody streams in. It is a peaceful evening!

Whenever I stare at the night sky, I miss my father much. He was the one who would take us to the terrace and teach us about the many constellations and stars and how to identify them. Living in Delhi with a starless sky for so many years now, I have forgotten all about stars and their names. Last year during summers in a small island of Maldives, I revisited the star studded night sky and basked in their glory for a few days. We also downloaded an app to identify the stars in the night sky (SkyView Lite). The picture shared here has been clicked using this app.

According to weather sources, Venus will remain high in the evening sky through April. But then it will drop quickly toward the horizon through the month in May as it swings to a position between us and the sun. By late June, you will  have to wake up before dawn to see Venus. Venus will not reappear in the evening sky until May of 2021! So enjoy the evening show while we have it!
One more blessing of the corona crisis, a few stars are peeping from the night sky of Delhi. Friends who have a terrace can sit and stare at the night sky.

So while we practice self-control, isolation and home stay and take all precautions for keeping ourselves and humanity safe, let nature heal our earth and skies so that we can once more enjoy the simple pleasures of life.. See you all soon.. Take Care !!

By Dr Anindita Roy (9818541252), CR Park, New Delhi

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