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Some Serious Thieves are Operating At Delhi Airport

Baggage Lock Prised Open And Side Of Suitcase Slit

By Anindita Roy (9818541252)

Passengers be Aware !! Do not keep any valuables in your check-in baggage !! 

This is the 3rd time in 3 months that our locks of our baggage have been broken. The locks were badly damaged and broken on our flights from Delhi to Mumbai, once in September and once in December, and on the flight from Delhi to Jaipur in November,  even the side of the suitcase was slit open with a blade or knife.

There is no safety of our baggage while being moved from the  Airport to the Aircraft. As we check in early at airports , the baggage lies ‘unattended’ at the mercy of the porters. So, there is a huge possibility of the locks being prised open and suitcases being slit at the airport of boarding.
I wonder why the airport authorities and the airline security staff are not paying attention to this problem . It is not a very long route from the airport to the aircraft . Why are there no security measures on this small route? Why are passenger baggage left unattended with porters? Whose responsibility is it to see to it that our baggage that we so trustingly hand over at airports is being really taken care of ?

Passengers please take note, “Any receipt of baggage  without complaint  on the termination of the journey shall be prima facie evidence that the baggage has been delivered correctly and in good condition. A customer who leaves the baggage delivery area without reporting a bag as missing or damaged to an Airline representative will be deemed to have received his/her bag correctly and in good condition.”

Most of the times we pull our luggage and hurry off towards our destination without checking the condition of our locks or sides. Any breakage or damage is noticed on returning home/destination. Do check your luggage properly before leaving airport and if found damaged, immediately report to the Airline representative at the airport. The airlines conveniently refuse to accept the blame of any damaged baggage once you have stepped out of the airport. They choose to turn a blind eye and do not even investigate , even though they know fully well that the baggage has been damaged by thieves operating under their nose!! So do report at the airport , any damage to your luggage, although it may delay your reaching the destination in time. 

Airlines who turn a blind eye to passenger complaints giving the plea that the passenger did not report at airport should have some shame and attempt to look into their security measures and seal any open points in their system.

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