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Rampant Selling Of Pigeon Meat In Triangles Of Delhi

Triangle In Confluence of CR Park, Nehru Apartments , GK Enclave-1 & Pamposh Enclave Has Been Doing A Lucrative Business For Long

The Pigeon Triangle angle is getting murkier! It has been reported that ‘Pigeon meat selling’ is a big business operating from Delhi’s triangles and pavements/flyovers, CR Park triangle included !  A pigeon is openly caught and sold on the triangles for a sum of Rs 150/- to Rs 300/- each for a bargainer!  And people who do not bargain even pay upto Rs 500/- per pigeon!! Who will stop this illegal encroachment and business ?

Educated people are encouraging the business as well as feeding. It is appalling to hear that parents are encouraging their children at the behest of “purohits” or priests, who guide them to feed pigeons to get good marks in exams! During the exam times the triangles do roaring business!!

What can be more alarming than this- when the future generation is coaxed into blind belief, wrong ethics and values, ignoring the environment, by their own parents! Our society that is already steeped in superstitions, age-old and dead customs, is being derided and viled into deeper degrees, by the scheming priests in their quest for quick bucks.

How harmful the pigeon droppings or the air around them is, has to be read to be believed. Endless write ups have been published in this regard to enable the educated masses to adhere to the warning signs and refrain from feeding them. How much pollution is being added to the already polluted environment is also a much discussed subject. Fatal interstitial diseases are fast catching on people with low immunity like a silent killer and comes to the surface when it is too late to take corrective action. Children and elderly people are most prone to infection faster!  It has also been seen, that people are feeding pegions with children by their sides! Nothing can be more alarming and irrational than this. To what extent people can go to give vent to their frustrations and failures and take refuge in mindless superstitions, that defy every sense of common sense!

It is not yet too late! Let us really increase the pressure on the authorities on convert the pigeon triangles into green triangles. There are miles to be covered, but we shall not lose hope, because there is always light at the end of a tunnel, no matter how long the tunnel maybe!

By Jaya Ray ( 9871718921 )
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