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Losing weight, is not a rocket science

Big No-No And Must Haves For Someone Trying To Lose Weight

Losing weight, is not a rocket science. Basically, one must need to understand their own body. We just need to get back to our basics and understand the best ideas which suits our body. But even while on a diet or even while trying to get in shape we tend to make several blunders that lead to weight-gain.

Here are some big No-No’s we commonly tend to do while shedding those extra kilos:

1. Skipping Meals

This is a very big MYTH that skipping meals will help you loose weight, because if you do so, you tend to eat excess in the next meal which can eventually lead to weight-gain.

2. Living on crazy FAD diets

Also called as “Magic Power Diet” which will help you loose weight overnight, but sorry to break your heart, these diet more harm than good to our body, as they do not contain a well-balanced set of nutrients of which our body is used to consuming, they will surely show some temporary weight-loss but later you will experience many problems like weight-gain, vitamin deficiencies, even some serious health complications if on them for a long period of time.

3. Not having enough fiber

When it comes to losing weight, fiber plays a very crucial role, as it helps increase satiety (feeling full), curb your appetite and eventually help in weight-loss.

4. Having excess white white-carbs

People understand having carbohydrates for diet is important but which?? Breads, pasta, white rice, maida they all contribute to nothing but weight-gain, so its best if its avoided and replaced with good carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa, barley, jowar, bajra, whole wheat flour, multigrain bread etc.

5. Popping on diet-pills or using meal replacement shakes

Smoothies and shakes do help you fill full and cut your hunger, but replacing them with actual meal, is not acceptable because it lacks the vital nutrients needed by our body. You also lack the fiber which you will get from whole fruits. Also about the pill – there are no research and claims to back up that they help you in losing weight or even for that matter fats & also can be harmful for your body.

6. Not having adequate protein intake

 Studies show that we Indians especially vegetarians lack adequate protein required for our daily needs. For weight-loss, we do not need to down-in the protein shakes to keep muscle. Consuming a well-balanced diet that includes lean protein should do the bit.

7. Binge eating on a “Cheat Meal”

It might seem harmless to binge eat on one meal, it clearly effects your gut-bacteria, and these foods effect the hormones and becomes addictive, and cause weight-gain, so “Moderation is the key”.

8. Weighing yourself Daily

Weighing yourself daily, which can lead to de-motivation and in-turn eating more because of stress.

9. Lack of physical activity

Diet and workout go hand in hand, not working out on regular basis or not working out at all will not give you desired results.

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by Kejal Sheth,

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