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A Weight Loss Guide , The Ayurveda Way

If you’ve always wanted to be lean but found it challenging to lose those extra kilos, chances are that you are of the Kapha constitution according to ancient Ayurvedic philosophy.

However, a weight loss diet corresponds with a Kapha diet as this constitution needs to eat foods that will balance excess weight. One can say that 'A Kapha Diet' = ' A Weight Loss Diet'.

Enhancing the Element of Fire

Speeding up your metabolism
 is one of the most practical Ayurvedic weight loss tips. A slow metabolic rate means a weak digestive fire that does not convert food into energy fast enough.

The Kapha constitution is dominated by the elements of Water and Earth. Ayurveda believes that when these elements dominate in the body, they cause weight gain and lethargy. Add Fire energy to your meals to correct this.

How to do this? Turn on the heat by sipping on warm water throughout the day, especially in the colder months. This will result in increased warmth that will boost your metabolism, and burn body fat faster.

Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Follow this simple meal plan especially designed according to Ayurvedic principles which will help you lose weight. This is a diet plan just not to become slim and lean but it is also a maintenance diet for a toned and proportionate body.

For this Ayurvedic diet, the best thing for you to drink is light black ginger tea, hot Cinnamon water or hot water with fresh lemon juice and honey on an empty stomach ( Drink 1-2 glasses of warm water however before anything else). 

Follow this with a fruit stew (apples, pears or berries are ideal). 

Another option is to eat a buckwheat muffin or a bowl of oat bran with a drizzle of raw honey.

Lunch: This should be your largest meal of the day. Our diet tips for weight loss include planning this meal like the following:

Half: Vegetables that don’t contain starch (pokchoy, lettuce, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, okra, turnips and water chestnuts)
One-fourth: Rye toast and “heating” whole grains that have ample Fire energy (opt for Basmati rice, polenta, millet, barley, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa)
One-fourth: Proteins (chicken, freshwater fish, eggs and beans)

Evening Snack: Kale chips, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, baked apples with cinnamon, dried fruits like apricots, cranberries and raisins and some light green or black tea.

Dinner: Warming vegetable soup spiced with cumin, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric or pepper. You can also eat a small portion of the items outlined for lunch.

Dessert: (We know you love sweet, but balance it with spicy.) Drink a cup of low-fat milk with a pinch of cinnamon or saffron. Soy and rice milk are good choices but you can also take goat milk.

Tips for Mindful Eating

Here are some basic pointers about further about how to lose weight fast:

1.     Avoid foods that are too salty, sour and sweet.
2.     Pungent, astringent and bitter foods like grapefruit, endives and green leafy veggies are your best choices.
3.     Comfort foods will only leave you feeling more drained and sluggish.
4.     Fermented foods can aggravate Kapha condition and lead to weight gain.
5.     Eat lightly cooked foods instead of raw produce.

 5 Simple Changes To Your Lifestyle.

#1 - Start your Morning with Honey Lemon Water
In our kitchens when we have dirty pots, we use warm water to clean them. But sometimes only warm water alone may not work and then we use lemon. Similarly, in order to clean ama (the by-product of undigested food particles in intestines) the recipe of warm water with lemon and honey is very effective. This cleanses ama, opens up body channels (Shrotas), pacifies Kapha and also generates energy.

#2 – Do Not Eat All The Time
Nowadays, we have food in our cars, homes, office – everywhere. Munching on food all the time is unhealthy and can lead to indigestion. It is advisable to eat three wholesome meals a day. Eat a light dinner since Jatharagni (digestive fire) is weak after sunset. In between meals if you are hungry do not snack on salted packaged chips or fries, instead choose fresh fruits. This will keep your metabolism high and help in burning calories.

Fasting once in a while is also helpful. This gives time for Jatharagni (digestive fire) to burn up ama or any undigested food. This aids in metabolism and is beneficial in losing weight.

#3 - Keep your Kapha Pacified
Aggravated Kapha leads to being overweight, makes you lethargic and slows down your metabolism, so in order to avoid that keep your Kapha pacified.

The right diet is a combination of food that is light in nature and that has been freshly cooked, minimally spiced and served warm. Choose a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes, minimize sweets and avoid alcohol. Cut down on your consumption of cheese, pasta, breads, deep fried foods and red meat. It is also very important not to overeat and give your complete attention to what and how you are eating. Choose a cool and calm environment for your meals and do not overeat. A little space in your stomach will help in proper digestion.

#4 – Workout Everyday
Walking and jogging are simple exercises that you can do to stay fit. If you prefer you can hit the gym too. Ayurveda suggests working out to only 40% of our body’s energy. If nothing else, you can do light aerobic and cardio exercises at home for about 20 minutes a day. This will keep the kapha in balance and give a fit and lean look.

#5 - Follow a time-table (Dincharya)
Our body works in a rhythm and when our activities are according to that rhythm, the doshas stay in balance and Shrotas are clear. Keeping a proper schedule for waking up, exercise, eating your meals and going to bed helps in maintaining that rhythm. The best time to wake up is before 6 AM because after this to 10 AM it is considered the Kapha-dominant time of the day. Similarly, the time after sunset to 10 PM is also considered Kapha-dominant, hence ideally you should be in bed before 10 PM in order to let your body get complete rest and wake up early next morning, completely refreshed and reinvigorated.

Quick Tips

Keep the tongue clean: Clean tongue in Ayurveda represents no ama in the gut. So make sure that the tongue is clean. Besides being a good oral hygiene practice, cleaning the tongue every morning aids digestive and metabolic functions of the body.

Chew a piece of ginger: If you want your digestive fire to be strong, chew on a piece of fresh ginger just before eating meals. To improve the taste, add a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon.

Warm water helps digestion: Warm water helps digestion and promotes regular bowel functions. It also improves blood circulation and flushes out toxins. You can also drink Green Tea instead of regular tea. It improves digestion, metabolism and helps in weight reduction.

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