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How to Sketch For Design And Architecture

Fix goals and objectives – the ones you want to accomplish. Have an idea of time – how much time you require to achieve the target set. You must know how much time you should spend on each section. Plan your schedule of preparation accordingly. And remember, practice makes you perfect and successful.
Practice a lot
Make it a point to sketch whatever you feel like. Be varied and take it as a challenge – try out new stuff sans discrimination or predilection. Rummage through dailies, journals, magazines, and websites. Extract clues from advertisements and posters you view.
Sketch freehand
As highlighted, sketching is crucial. Your creativity and ideas need expression on paper. While you practice sketching, make it a point to hide your eraser. This will help you to sketch with more confidence and your lines will become bolder, sharper, and cleaner.
Light Handed Sketch
Does it make any sense to sketch dark and then find mistakes? You have to erase a lot and it becomes time-consuming. Moreover, it affects your mental frame. Begin with a light sketch and darken it later once you grow confident about it.
Practice Detailed Sketches
A work of art and beauty gets enriched with detailing. Pay adequate attention to detailing wherever required – whether it is the human face or the outfit. Nuances, intricacies and minute observations in a designer’s work are signs of a good professional in the making.
Master Illustration Skills
Put efforts to master the skills of human illustration. Focus more on proportions and forms.  Dexterity is rewarding in more ways than one.
Learn Calligraphy
If you know calligraphy well, it is useful in designing banners and posters. In case you are not an expert yet, make it a point to learn different styles of lettering as they enable you to execute a lot in a refreshing manner.
Always Plan Before You Draw
If you have not planned it, sketching involves waste of resources as you do not know what to execute and how. Therefore, first plan your ideas and visualise them before you begin to execute them. Poor or cluttered vision will not lead to good sketching.
Start With Simple Drawings
Begin with simple stuff – logo design or T-shirt design. Avoid scene drawing in the beginning. You have limited time to answer the questions and you need to be quick while solving the problems.
Improve Your Speed
Improve your speed. Your outstanding design skills and creativity are futile in case you cannot execute quickly. The main purpose is to present your imagination and uniqueness within a limited time frame. Make sure you are able to do things smoothly without getting nervous as anxiety slows you down. Wish you good luck!

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