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Reports From GK-2

G.K. Enclave –II, Residents Abhor the  Metro Station Opening under Savitri Fly Over

by Sh. S.P. Mehra 

The Residents of G.K. Enclave II are feeling frightened at the prospects of the opening of Metro Station out-let under Savitry Fly Over. Mr. S.P. Mehra, Project Head of the Society says that  we fear that the colony will become a parking lot for the vehicles coming to drop or pick-up the daily passengers using this out let. The back lanes of the colony will become public urinals. The parks of the colony will have a large number of unwanted outsiders. Electric Rikshaws and Autos will clog the chicken-neck road opposite Savitri Cinema resulting in traffic jams. The inflow of outsiders through the main roads and back lanes of the colony will be a security hazard for the colony. The Residents and Plot Holders Society has already protested against the present location of this outlet and have submitted an alternative plan prepared by Sh. K.B. Rajouria, Ex.-Engineer-in Chief of Delhi Government who is also the president of Indian Road Congress. They plan Dharnas and protest marches along with the members of the neighbouring colonies if their voice remains unheard. Specific task force compressing of energetic youths is being formed for chalking out as security systems for meeting the challenges outlined above.

Greater Kailash Residents Join Environment Rally Supported By Sunshine Asha As Colony Co-partners
By Kapila Chopra ( 9810050445)
In an endeavour to be part of campaign for Swachh Pariyavaran ( organised by PHD chamber members ) Sunshine Asha group participated in the walk from Rafi Marg to India Gate , on 19 th Feb 2017. On this very pleasant Sunday morning at 7.30am , the members marched forth as the volunteers for Swachh Hawa , Shudh Jal, Swachh Rehega Hamara Kal , supporting the whole campaign as colony co partners (Greater Kailash 3).
The rally was kicked off from Rafi Marg with environment conservation  speeches by Mr Singhvi and other PHD members ,Garima Singhvi as well as by representative from UN . Neelam In her melodious voice sang a motivational song for pollution free environment. The rally was flagged of by Rajvardhan Rathore , Minister for Information and Broadcasting .
About 5000 school children took part in the walk as young ambassadors for clean and green India .it was a colourful day with students bands , flash crowd dances , songs and parade with slogans . Green caps n white T-shirts were sponsored by the sponsors to mark the event . 

(A)Sunshine Asha as colony co-partner has already installed 3 separate dustbins at E block Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Greater Kailash III. It is to create awareness among the residents about the toxic waste segregation- separate bins are for (1) E waste(2) Pet bottles (3) Batteries (B)  A workshop was arranged with expert recycling agency for Sangini at GK Enclave-1(C)  Awareness Campaign was done through Watsapp groups and Facebook.(D) Friends and relatives are encouraged not to use styrofoam plates n plastic cutlery for kirtans    and poojas .(E)Balwant Rai School Principal was approached for participation in the rally and to encourage  students for reuse , recycle and reduce waste .(F) RWA E block was approached for wall painting of slogans on clean green colony, for which the permission has been given .
Overall the Rally was a great success in instilling the ‘Importance of Cleanliness’ and raising the awareness again among the citizens.

Colony Canvass Splashed With Colours
Burra  Na Mano Holi Hai !!
By Kapila Chopra 
The canvass of our colony was splashed with colours of all hues to welcome the spring festival, competing with bright coloured flowers of the colony parks and gardens .Drum beats and Holi songs filled atmosphere with joy. Although air was crisply cool unlike previous Holis , it didn't dampen the spirit of the colony children and residents to celebrate the festival of colours . With the festival knocking at in mid of March ,most of the school children had done away with their final examinations so it saw full swing participation in colony gatherings.
While some south Delhi colony wear a blanket of sophistication n  monotony , our residents just walk out on the streets to wish  just any one of the streets to spread the message of joy and love . Cool  cosy get togethers were organised by the RWAs of G ,H and E blocks in the colony parks and near St. John's School .
On Holi eve Bon fire (Holika Dahan) were lit by all men and ladies to mark the triumph of good over evil and take  blessings of fire Goddess by offering coconuts and sweets .on Holi day according to colony ladies it was a relaxing day as sumptuous lunch was prepared at the park . Most of the residents had great fun in the parks with traditional Bollywood songs , where cold drinks , gujiyas  , veg n non veg snacks were dutched  while the traditional Indian food buffet  was catered by RWA in G block and  H block while E block served brunch .Tambola with prizes made the event more entertaining  and worth remembering.
According to the new residents they have found GK 3 a very vibrant and happening place where all the festivals are celebrated by great energy and , so making it a very closely knit family where it's time to embrace your friends and neighbours  smothering their faces in unrecognisable primary colours of life , colours of fun, colours of brotherhood. Even GK2 residents feel GK 3 Is a safe place to play as people cheer  even the naughty teenagers who powder you with pucca colours saying 'Burra na mano Holi Hai ..... So its ' Holi ke din  dil mil jaate hain..........and 'Rang Barse 'every where ....... so next time just sneak in the colony to soak in all hues of festivities to beat blues of boredom else where .

Earth Hour Celebrated by Diligent Residents of GK Enclave 2, Masjid Moth & GK 3
Colonies Plunge Voluntarily Into Darkness To Participate In The Awareness Activity

By Anindita Roy 

A small SMS was circulated by BRPL requesting the consumers to switch off their lights from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm on 25th March. The diligent residents from our colonies circulated the message further through whatsapp groups and facebook messages. The result was a tremendous success of the ‘Earth Hour’ during which whole colonies switched off their lights for the stipulated hour honouring the movement to save electricity. This backing of the symbolic initiative to conserve energy by the residents does deserve Kudos.

According to the news, BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL), which cater to large parts of Delhi, saved around 113 MW and 95 MW of electricity, respectively, making for a total of 208 MW saving in BSES areas.BRPL and BYPL had also switched off all non-essential lights at their over 400 offices, spread across an area of around 950 sq km, during the appointed hour.

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) that urges households and businesses across the world to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour at the appointed time to raise awareness on the need to take action on climate change. Earth Hour has one mission: to unite people to protect the planet and show they care about its future.

From habitat loss and degradation, to pollution, climate change and more, the threats facing the environment today present us with many challenges. To make the youth aware and to take precautions for the future of Earth, Earth Hour is more than a symbolic event as it aims to bring concrete solution during the time when challenges of climate change and environmental issues are all too real.

We hope that , by reducing our carbon footprint, both in our personal life and in the workplace, we can create a robust and environmentally safe world. Preserving the natural heritage of our planet is what Earth Hour is all about.

A Meeting With Virender Kasana
By Kapila Chopra 
On 4th March Virender Kasana ( proposed MCD councillor for the forthcoming MCD election ) stepped into Royal Park Hall to interact with the residents of E block , G block and Greater Enclave-2 to learn about the problems of the colony and take a note of the valuable suggestions from the active residents for the development of the area .
The major problem faced by all the residents is of the ever flowing Dhalao right at the entrance of G , H  and E blocks. It's an eyesore for all inhabitants of such high end colony . The RWAs of the areas highlighted other issues  and problems that need urgent attention like maintenance of parks and roads. Some residents  requested him for Rain Water Harvesting in the area as it was done by him in  Chittaranjan Park .
He has assured the RWAs and residents of the area  for  removal of  Dhalao and providing alternative  door to door pick up of the Garbage . He will be working  for construction of more Gazeboes and open Gyms , installation of Public toilets,carpeting  of the  inroads , better parks , providing LED lights, installing more garbage bins and fumigating the area during rainy season for prevention of Malaria n Chikanguniya .
Residents who attended the meeting were of the view of having Rain water Harvesting in the area n the Dhaloa to be cleared as soon as possible. Introduction of the Fixed Garbage Compacters machines would be welcomed to make area Garbage free . The meeting was attended by active  men , ladies and RWAs and their Presidents who are looking forward for a change.

AIKGA Members Of Unit 7B Enjoy Picnic At A Greater Noida Farm
By Kapila Chopra
The All India Kitchen Garden Unit 7B group for the first time organised a picnic meet on 29th March, at HPS farm Greater Noida .With spring season at its peak and flowers in full bloom the farm offered an excellent venue for a very warm garden meet amidst lush green lawns. Although a bit away from Delhi the farm in the NCR was an exciting change for its members . One hour drive through a sleepy narrow  kuccha road led to a bright n beautiful garden farm  boasting, a machaan , a farm house and a rustic bamboo gazebo . The members enjoyed playing Tambola and a Garden Quiz and were also given prizes . Song sung by Nidhi was like an icing on cake .The entertainment  was on full swing with snacks,  drinks and sumptuous lunch , special arrangements were made for  ladies having navratra fast .

It was followed by knowledge about rare kind of plants ( talk given by Abha) and walk around the farm which was full of healthy ,happy plants and flowers . All the members cheered Sonali , Urmilla and Benuji for making such wonderful arrangements . About 32 garden enthusiasts, who attended the gathering are looking forward to more such meets in the lap of nature .
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