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"Gardishey aayam tera shukriya, Hamne har pahlu se duniya dekh li"................

Born in 1927 , in East Punjab in Jallandhar , Col Dr S.D Nayyar is an ardent lover of Urdu Shayari . Music is the second love of this octogenarian doctor who served the army for 22 years.In a most compelling way, the story of his life, work and his retired life held us spellbound while we listened to his stories about partition and his participation in the three wars which he witnessed first hand after partition. Conducting the interview, we had some amazing stories of adversity, fear, violence, and strength unfolding before our mind's eyes.

Dr Nayyar had just finished his 1st year of studies in medicine in 1947, when the partition drama broke loose. It was announced by All India Radio that all medical students of Lahore medical college should reach Delhi for admission. He had to suffer many acute post partition hardships after which he reached Delhi only to be told that he had been awarded a seat in Madras medical college. However, Dr Nayyar somehow managed to get a seat in Amritsar medical college from where he completed his MBBS.

After completing his medical studies and serving for paltry amounts here and there he decided to join the army .

Dr Nayyar was an active participant in the  Sino-Indian War  that occurred in 1962. Indians suffered heavy casualties, with dead Indian troops' bodies being found in the ice, frozen with weapons in hand. After the defeat Dr Nayyar was sent to receive the causalities at the foothills of Bhutan. One day while attending to the wounded soldiers , General Kaul came inside his tent. He wanted to address the defeated troops and Dr Nayyar arranged for and witnessed General Kaul address the demoralised army.

The 1965 war witnessed some of the largest tank battles. Dr Nayyar witnessed this tank battle first hand and related the story of victory with pride and emotion.

India won the 1971 Bangladesh war and  Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, accepted the surrender. India took approximately 90,000 prisnors of war, including Pakistani soldiers and their East Pakistani civilian supporters. When General AAK Niazi, Commander of Pakistani forces in East Pakistan was kept as a Prisnor of War in Jabalpu, Dr Nayyar was the attending doctor there. He met him regularly and Dr Nayyar remembers the day when General Niazi told him , " God make you a general soon .. but not a General like me !!"

Col Dr S.D Nayyar practiced as a doctor in Meerut Cantonment for 30 years after retiring from the army. However, in 2006 he had a heart attack while visiting Dalhousie after which he decided to retire from active practice and come to Delhi to live with his son. He started to offer free consultation from the premises of 'Sanatan Dharm Sabha Mandir' in Saket . Dr Nayyar can be seen in 'Sanatan Dharm Sabha Mandir' from 10.30-12.30am offering free consultation and at times free medicines also to needy patients. He is very happy offering this service to the needy patients at the evening hours of his life and to this effect he recited the following 'Sher' for our readers .

'Mandir ke Saye mei ek Ghar banaya hai,

Ye Nachiz banda ab khuda ka humsaya hai " --------------
"Gardishey aayam tera shukriya, Hamne har pahlu se duniya dekh li"................ "Gardishey aayam tera shukriya, Hamne har pahlu se duniya dekh li"................ Reviewed by CREATIVE WRITER on November 19, 2013 Rating: 5

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