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Upcoming Flint Asia Projects: January - February 2020


For the upcoming Mumbai Gallery Weekend, Mumbai-based auction house, Prinseps, will be hosting their first-ever curated exhibition, Bengal through the last 100 years at the Taj Art Gallery from the 9th-12th January. The exhibition, curated by Prinseps’ Menaka Mahtab, celebrates the birth of Indian Modernism in Shantiniketan, bringing together a selection of 37 artworks including early Indian modernists such as Abanindranath Tagore and Jamini Roy to later modernists like Bikash Bhattacharjee. 

Also in Mumbai, Dysco is kicking off 2020 with Y3K: Planet Lost & Found, a day-long offline event focusing on the future of sustainability. The event will take place at Pioneer Hall, Bandra, Mumbai on 8 February 2020 from 10 am to 10 pm. The event builds on Dysco’s longstanding engagement with the environment and sustainability,  bringing together all those that care about our planet—including policy experts, journalists, technologists, content creators, researchers and start-ups, with the aim to create networks of collaboration.Y3K: Planet Lost & Found will also mark the launch of Dysco’s web platform, a professional networking platform and community enabling the conversations and collaborations to continue both online and offline.

A little further afield Emami Art in Kolkata is presenting a solo exhibition of artist Bose Krishnamchari. In his latest series, The Mirror Sees Best in the Dark, Bose returns to his art practice, through dynamic experiments with form and material. The show confronts the increasingly extreme discourses that shape our consciousness. 

Later in January Emami Art will also host the second edition of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakaman annual arts conference from the 24th till the 26th Januaryprogrammed by Dr Kalyan Chakravarty and Shwetal A. Patel. The conference will invite contributions from leading practitioners from India and around the world such as Anupam Sah, Bose Krishnamachari, Hena Kapadia, James Green, Dr Kalyan Chakravarty, Sheela Gowda, Dr Sook Kyung-Lee, Sudarshan Shetty to explore this concept in light of the United Nations 2030 ‘17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Raj Shahani, a New York based sculptor who recently had a show at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, is unveiling a sculptural work at the Hyatt Regency, Dharamshala on the 13th of January. The site-specific sculpture is inspired by Jayati, the Mother Goddess Monolith of Dharamshala.
In FebruaryGallery Ark in Vadodara is set to open a new show Otherworldly Interiors with British artist Alexander Gorlizki which will be on view from 8 February - 8 March 2020. The Brooklyn based, English artist also maintains a studio in Jaipur, with his work being a contemporary rendition of the traditional Indian miniature painting style, with heavy allegorical references. The works are produced with master miniature painter Riyaz Uddin and a small team of artists, creating narratives by combining Western and Indian iconographies in whimsical ways.

Their ongoing show Elements in Mythology, which focuses on the ceramic practices of Ira Chowdhary, Jyotsana Bhatt, Vinod Daroz, Savia Mahajan, Vineet Kacker and Reyaz Badaruddin, will close on 18 January 2020.
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