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Review Of Black Pepper, White Pepper

Ishani K Dutta , in an interview with Jaya Ray and Anindita Roy

Just as an artist painstakingly sketches out a painting's outline and then most lovingly fills colours inside, similarly, a skilled filmmaker, with utmost care, envisions a concept and then weaves in a story which arrests the audience's attention till the very end.  

I had a similar experience when I went to watch Black Pepper White Pepper, a film on the Indian soldiers during World War 1. The film, realistically depicts the atrocities meted out to the Indian soldiers during the long 4 year war. The taut story line is  adequately sprinkled with  interesting, shocking and hitherto unknown information  by experts, on the war and the life-and-death struggles of the 1 million plus Indian soldiers at the war front, thus, effectively keeping the audience riveted to their seats. The film went on to win several awards and has been screened at various international film festivals.

Ishani K Dutta, the director of the film is a proud resident of CR Park(G 1274), where she has grown up. Having studied at Lady Irwin School and then Lady Shri Ram College, she went on to complete her Mass Communication from IIMC Delhi. She started her journey in television journalism 26 years ago and delved into all aspects of the genre successfully, before foraying into film making as an entrepreneur. 

Ishani's extremely successfully journey as a film maker, has seen her being decorated with numerous awards over the years. And most recently, the latest feather on her directorial hat, has been, the Golden Tiger Award at the International Film Festival recently concluded in Kolkata, for her film on a street child, who has sky high aspirations to change his life.

Here is wishing Ishani many more milestones and many more recognition in the future.

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