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Drunk Driving On Our Roads

78 Year Old Knocked Over By Drunk Auto Rickshaw Driver
Speeding Bike Rides Over The Foot Of The Knocked Down Gentleman !!

By Jaya Ray (9871718921)

Evening 6.30 pm, Market Number 1 on a weekday- a speeding auto with a drunk driver , in a desperate bid to overtake traffic, bangs on to the footpath (was once upon a time! now it has died under the make shift car park!), hits a 78  year old man, throws him on the road and speeds away, leaving him bleeding!! A bike again at top speed rides over the foot of the gentleman, rendering him completely helpless! Some youth from the market pick up the gentleman and take him to the nearest hospital. The accident could have been fatal too!

Nothing is more shameful than this!

A colony like CR Park, which has more than 50,000 people staying here, has 7 associations which boast of a battery of thorough professionals, luminaries, social workers with immense experience, and finally EBDP, identity of CR Park, instrumental in creating the colony from scratch 50 years back, does not see the sorry plight of the infrastructure of the colony.

Craters in the name of roads, which never seem to get mended, footpaths that have vanished underneath mindless parking of vehicles, dirty markets which never get cleaned and which have become an eyesore, and fused street lights which never work- is this our colony? Is this what we are proud to tell the world?  Is this the place where we stay?

Such a big colony, and there are no footpaths for people to walk! How should elderly people move around in the colony or the markets? How should children move around and play? Are the roads only assigned to the monster vehicles who consider the roads their property and potential highways and can drive around any which way? Has the law and order in the colony come to such a halt that there is no traffic, speed control, nor is there any management of the infrastructure by the authorities.

Another story of course is the ridiculously redundant local councilor who has no clue about the colony or its strappings. The sad plight of the roads, or footpaths or the lights and the parks are of least importance to him. His only job now has become to inaugurate shops, cut ribbons, make his presence at local functions and shake hands with association heads.

EBDP is also always self patting itself on its achievement, but unfortunately those achievements are not visible! The police station also chooses to be present at its self selected and safe locations, conveniently avoiding the busy junctions and crossings and ignoring the peak hours of traffic and chaos. The speed breakers have also been conveniently removed by the colony decision makers, which is also enabling the field day for the road monsters!!
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

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