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South Delhi Art & Design Classes At Chittaranjan Park

What is a course in art & drawing? 

From basic, entry-level classes such as fundamentals of drawing to more specialized topics such as architectural sketches, #interior styling, figure and #fashion drawing, courses are varied and encompass a myriad of subject matters. A specific focus on  architectural, interior and fashion drawing is available for aspiring Designers, as is a focus on drafting for future architects. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also classes on simple sketching, drawing , art and cartoon drawing available for those pursuing that particular path.

Individuals who take courses in drawing run the gamut from aspiring artists to architects and engineers to hobbyists. Regardless, the benefits are universal and include a greater understanding and appreciation of the art form and practical experience in doing it.

Costs vary in terms of the schedule of the course opted for, and can be customised on individual basis. You can avail a counselling session by taking an appointment for understanding the options better.

Individuals who take courses in drawing are simply better prepared for their careers and respective fields of study. Architects and engineers, in particular, gain practical experience in a medium that is regularly used in their industry. In fact, these careers require this type of knowledge. An individual with more experience in drafting will find that he or she will have more opportunity advancements in his or her career.

Age Group : 13 years onwards

Type Of Classes: 

(1) Career Oriented Classes
(2) Hobby Classes

Duration: 4 hour classes per week
(1) Fast Track ( 3 months)- Certificate Course
(2) Short Term ( 6 months)- Diploma Course
(3) Long Term ( One to Three Years)- Diploma Course

Special Focus (Extras):

(1) Art Appreciation
(2) Art Gallery Walks
(3) Outdoor Sketching Classes
(4) History Of Art 
Drawing Classes for Art Architecture and Design In Chittaranjan Park Delhi

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