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A&C Block of Saket, New Delhi Has 18 New Pups !!

The fear of dog bite is creating a havoc not only among the domestic help, but even the children are afraid to go unescorted up to the park which is just a few feet away from the houses.Some walk with sticks in their hands in fear of dogs which bark at them and chase them. These stray dogs are a constant source of nuisance as they bark and run after any-body whether on a bicycle, a scooter, a motor cycle or on foot. They even chase cars!! This causes panic & terror resulting in falls invariably. Some times it causes sprains and fractures for no fault of the person.
Vedant, r/o A65/2 wasbitten very badly by one of these dogs. Manan, r/o A55/3 is always seen with his mother or sister. Agasya, a 9 year old child asked me" tell me the name of government who want us to be bitten by dogs and die?" Advait says "please tell us where should we play as parks are also taken by these dogs". "We don't have answers," says Mrs Karnwal.
Parks are dirty, lanes are dirty, roads are dirty, there is dog shit all around. It's a horrible sight.  The dogs move in a group and when they see a lone person they start barking and running after him. You cannot imagine fear on their faces. In the middle of night they start barking and create nuisance and once you are awake, you can't sleep till morning. The residents are totally at a loss as to handle this situation. No doubt, every living being has a right to co-exist in this world but the problem arises when the existence of one becomes a threat to the existence of other.
Dogs sit on the car roofs causing damage to the body, windscreen besides chewing away car antenna. Many cars in the colony have dented car roofs, badly scratched bonnets and windscreens besides half chewed antennas.
But it’s not that only authorities are to be blamed for that. Even after knowing that these dogs are creating a havoc, some residents feed them posing yet more danger. Dogs can be seen being fed near C 6/1 and at every feeding time the dogs assemble at the spot and bark and create a havoc. They bring dirty packets from the garbage dhalao and tear them in front of the houses in the vicinity making the roads dirty and unhygienic. Feeding dogs haphazardly is a legal offence and dog-lovers should feed dogs only in secluded corners of the colony , away from human activity areas. A proper board should be put up at the feeding site to warn other people away.
While residents continue to live with the fear of dog bites, catching the dogs and taking them away is a far cry as sterilisation of stray dogs is also hardly done. If the dogs were sterilized as claimed by the authorities and animal lovers how come a whole bunch of 18 new puppies were born in A&C ? Even Ekta apartments have their share of new pups which are now almost a year old !!
The children of A&C Block request earnestly to the authorities to take a note of this grave situation and find an early solution.

A&C Block of Saket, New Delhi Has 18 New Pups !! A&C Block of Saket, New Delhi Has 18 New Pups !! Reviewed by CREATIVE WRITER on March 04, 2016 Rating: 5

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