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The Many Pollutants Of Our Neighbourhood! No Government Really Cares !!

Methane Generating Waste, Burning Leaves, Pigeon Droppings, Unpaved Broken Dusty Roads Apart From Fuming Cars

By Anindita Roy

It is a known fact that ‘Waste deposition’ generates methane which is highly flammable and may form explosive mixtures with air. Methane is also an asphyxiant and may displace oxygen in an enclosed space. Asphyxia or suffocation may result if the oxygen concentration is reduced to below 19.5% by displacement. Still our neighbourhood suffers from such pungent smell coming from rotting waste in the garbage bins and no Government takes care.
The next pollutant in our neighbourhood are the burning of waste leaves and other garbage by sweepers. The visible smoke from leaf burning is composed of tiny particles that contain a number of pollutants. If inhaled, these microscopic particles can reach the deepest regions of the lung and remain there for months or even years. Breathing particulate matter can increase the chances of respiratory infection, reduce the volume of air inhaled and impair the lungs' ability to use that air. Particulate matter can also trigger asthma attacks in some people. On the whole, burning leaves adversely affects our health and environment.
Pigeons feathers and droppings carry many diseases that is detrimental to the health of humans. The problem is especially worrisome in residential areas, as many of them are airborne and are transferred to humans just by being around droppings. Over the years, numerous feeding spots have mushroomed in the locality. People have set up Dukaans (shops) selling Bajra (millet), Makka (corn), maize, wheat, gram, pulses, seeds, legumes around the hotspots.
One could be feeding for charity, religious reasons, for fun or just because others are doing so. However, as people feed these birds in quest of gaining ‘punya’, they do not dwell on the amount of ‘paap’ they are accumulating by harming the humans around.
Dusty unpaved and broken roads are also a cause of pollution. Ask the Asthma patient how he or she fears going out on the dusty roads which bring about a bout of breathlessness. Again no government cares for our health and wellbeing. The roads remain broken, the pavements unpaved and unwalkable!

Private cars is being banned from January next. But what about the obnoxiously fuming Gramin Seva vehicles which pollute the environment, the fuming private buses, the trucks entering stealthily polluting the vehicle. Shouldn’t the Government first ensure proper roads and actually good connectivity before banning private cars? If the roads are walkable and public transport and connectivity is truly amazing, who would like to pollute the environment ? Not me !!

The Many Pollutants Of Our Neighbourhood! No Government Really Cares !! The Many Pollutants Of Our Neighbourhood! No Government Really Cares !! Reviewed by CREATIVE WRITER on December 06, 2015 Rating: 5

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