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Roopa Sharma Of Ekta Apartment , Saket New Delhi, Turns Kitchen Waste Into Gold

In my quest to contribute something towards society I stumbled upon this unique process; well not so unique because there are many people who are following it.

 The nature's process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. Anything that was once living will decompose. Basically, composting is an acceleration of the same process nature uses. By composting your organic waste you are returning nutrients back into the soil in order for the cycle of life to continue.

Since I wanted to use kitchen waste and turn it into manure I chose to use Smart bin method. A smart bin is a smart kitchen dustbin that converts your food waste to awesome compost (organic fertilizer) for plants instead of letting them go to the landfills and creating pollution and disease. It is easy to use, neat & clean, offers odor free operation, & does not allow insects, flies or maggots. The internal satisfaction of not contributing to the degradation of our environment is, of course, an added bonus.

It works in 2 stages:

In stage 1 food waste is thrown into these bins, just like a regular kitchen’s dustbin. You press the waste down to remove air gaps and sprinkle a teaspoon of Bio Bloom microbes and keep the lid closed at all times. Bio Bloom stops the waste from rotting and converts it to pickle (hence no smell). Once full, they are kept aside for a couple of weeks to finish the pickling. From this bin liquids are drained about twice a week through the taps (the bins have a tap at the base).While this is happening the second bin is started.

In stage 2, the pickle is layered with dry compost. This layering is done only once in a month or so and left in separate containers to cure for 3 to 4 weeks. When you open this container you have readymade, very high quality planting media!

Smartbin is like your usual bin and fits beautifully in the kitchen! Second stage happens in a container which can be a bamboo basket or cardboard box or a small blue drum, which sits neatly in a balcony, or basement garage or even the terrace! They don’t create a mess, do not attract any rodents, flies or maggots, and absolutely no smell. It is the most easy and practical method of home composting!

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Roopa Sharma Of Ekta Apartment , Saket New Delhi, Turns Kitchen Waste Into Gold Roopa Sharma Of Ekta Apartment , Saket New Delhi, Turns Kitchen Waste Into Gold Reviewed by CREATIVE WRITER on October 10, 2015 Rating: 5

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