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A Motivating Visionary

Anindita Roy (9818541252) in an Interview With Chitra Gopal ( H 31 C Saket)

‘When You Study With Great Teachers, You Will Learn Much More From Their Caring And Hard Work Than From Their Style’.

Chitra Gopal, is one such principal who leads by example. As the Principal of Vidya Niketan, she has been instrumental in building the school from 150 students 29 years ago to the 1000+ student school it is today.A principal who inspires and motivates teachers and students alike to be the best that they can be, her vision has helped students who did not dare to dream, to reach premier colleges and professional institutes. It is in recognition for her distinguished service and contribution to the field of education that The Federation of Public Schools of India honoured her with the Teacher’s State Award in 2005.

Born on 3rd December in Monkompu, an island in Alleppey district ,Kerala  Chitra Gopal was brought up in Mumbai or Bombay and Ahmedabad. She did her schooling from Mount Carmel Convent, Ahmedabad and her M.Sc in Microbiology from MG Science College, Ahmedabad. She fell in love with the school, when she went to admit her son where she joined as a teacher, and grew with the school. She became Principal in the year 1991.

From someone, who told her teacher mother "I do not want to teach", teaching became her passion. Or rather " students are my passion”, she says. “Every year, I tell myself, I will not teach anymore. But I love teaching, more so, I love the interaction with students. And I love teaching chemistry at my second home or is it my first? I do not take credit for the toppers. But I am thrilled when a 40 percenter achieves 80%. My drawback – I can't stay mad at students for long. I am hard pressed to stifle a smile even as I yell”, she says smilingly.

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