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Death Kissed Him Thrice

Death Kissed Him Thrice, But……..
                                                                                                                                                                                             Interview arranged by Ashok Kr. Srivastav(Vasant Kunj)

On the fateful night of 9th December, 1971, INS Khukri, an anti-submarine frigate was torpedoed by Pakistan Navy's Hangor submarine at around 2100 hrs. A total of 18 officers and 176 sailors went down with their captain and just a handful of 26 survivors could make it to the shore . Shri Devinder Kumar Dhawan , resident of K 16F, Saket is one of the lucky survivors from that fateful night.

"There were two massive explosions, one after other, and the Khukri keeled to one side. It was certain that the ship had been hit .Captian Mullah ordered the evacuation of the ship . There was flames all around , as the oil on the water had caught fire . Only  26 of us could board the rafts and sail to the shore!Our C.O.,Captain Mulla refused to abandon the drowning ship" said an emotional Mr. Dhawan.

On reaching the shore Mr Dhawan however faced death again. He was hit on the chin by the poisonous end of a bayonet by a Pakistani soldier. He was saved however,  as Indian soldiers arrived and took charge of the situation. He was sent to a Hospital in Hyderabad to recuperate.

 Shri Dhawan had a passion to join the Navy from his early youth. He joined Indian Navy immediately after passing his Intermediate , and served on different  naval ships and bases. He served, I.N.S Kalvari, a submarine , I.N.S. Vikrant, an aircraft carrier  and  I.N.S. Khukri, the Warship.

Once, while serving on board I.N.S. Vikrant,  he fell into the sea at night accidently, as the railing of the deck was loose. The Ship kept sailing leaving him about  four knots away, when it realized that  one officer on duty had fallen in the deep rough sea.  With great effort his life was saved.

So, effectively, Shri Dhawan faced death thrice during his tenure in the navy , but by grace of God he survived.

This   66  years old ex Navy personnel is an active resident of K Block Saket .Although he is away from sea,  his love for sea life is projected through  a beautiful aquarium with lovely ornamental fishes kept in his drawing room. We enjoyed a most enlightening chat on a pleasant romantic  evening when Mr. Dhawan narrated his vivid experiences with the  Indian Navy which we are happy to share with the readers. 

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