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Non-Recycling Of Used Batteries ; A Grave Environmental Hazard

How Can I dispose My Used Batteries In Delhi? Anybody Listening?
By Anindita Roy

Last summer, while visiting Barcelona, I saw a big see-through bin in a shop and the bin was full of small household batteries. On closer inspection, I found that they were old used batteries. Instead of throwing them away in the trash, the responsible citizens, collect them in bins placed in public places where people can drop their used batteries .These are then recycled or trashed in a responsible manner, thus minimizing environmental pollution.

Now, that set my mind thinking and I tried to find out more from various sources, especially the internet.

Batteries come under ‘Household Hazardous Wastes’ in many countries and it is illegal to throw them away with household trash. Many types of batteries employ toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium as an electrode or electrolyte. When each battery reaches end of life it must be disposed of to prevent environmental damage. Batteries should not be tossed in the regular recycling bin because they contain highly toxic chemicals -- but they shouldn't be tossed into the trash, either, for the very same reason. Many batteries contain heavy metals like lead and mercury that can easily contaminate our drinking water if left to deteriorate in a landfill.

The Ministry Of Environment And Forests Notification, New Delhi, dated 16th May, 2001, some of the responsibilities of manufacturer, importer, assembler and re-conditioner are as follows:

(i)ensure that used batteries collected back are of similar type and specifications as that of the new batteries sold
(ii)set up collection centres either individually or jointly -at various places for collection of used batteries from consumers or dealers;
(iii)ensure that used batteries collected are sent only to the registered recyclers,
(iv)ensure that necessary arrangements are made with dealers for safe transportation from collection centres to the premises of registered recyclers 

They are also supposed to create public awareness through advertisements, publications, posters or by other means with regard to the following :
(a) hazards of lead;
(b) responsibility of consumers to return their used batteries only to the dealers or deliver at designated collection centres; and 
(c)addresses of dealers and designated collection centres. 

They should also use the international recycling sign on the Batteries.

However, as I guiltily throw another battery to the trash bin, I hope that some agency will come up with public drop bins for such batteries. I am thinking of contacting some malls for this purpose. Meanwhile, whosoever is reading this article, please try to create an awareness in your locality as I have done my bit by writing this article.

Non-Recycling Of Used Batteries ; A Grave Environmental Hazard Non-Recycling Of Used Batteries ; A Grave Environmental Hazard Reviewed by CREATIVE WRITER on September 18, 2014 Rating: 5

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